Akbar’s verse on death of Raja Birbal 

Via Shoaib Daniyal

Braj Bhakha couplet written by Emperor Akbar, mourning the death of his friend Raja Birbal in the Swat Valley.

Hindi-Urdu translation: 

“Prithal ke saath majlis gaii, Taansen ke saath raag; hansnaa, ramnaa, bolnaa gayaa Veer Var ke saath”.

Bir Bal is the tadhbhav form of Vir Var (brave man). Since most of the stories were popularised in Urdu in the colonial period, hence Birbal

Further clarification by Ruchika Sharma

Prithal was Prithviraj/Prithiraj, Akbar’s Rajput poet. From Bikaner. He wrote a poem called Kisan Rukmani ri beli

which meant (creeper bower of Krishna and Rukmini). It was one of Akbar’s favorite poem.

 apparently Prithal was also a first cousin of Rana Pratap from his mother’s side.

Further information  from Twitter by ‪@CFLHolden ‬ 
It’s quoted from Saryuprasad Agarwal’s “Akbari Darbar ke Hindi Kavi”…there’s a citation on pg.14 of the following:

From Richard Snell sent by Shoaib 

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