Chisti India Harmony Award 2015

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The Chisti India Harmony Award is intituted in the name of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti the Sufi saint whose philosophy in life of

AWWAL SAKHAWATE CHUN SAKHAWATE DARIYA, DOM SHAFQAT-E-CHUN SHAFQAT-E-AFTAB, SIWAM TAWAZO-E-CHUN TAWAZO-E-ZAMEEN. (First, river like generosity; second, sun-like affection, and third earth like hospitality.) When once asked about the highest devotion of God, Gharib Nawaz remarked that it was nothing but
“Dar mandgaan ra fariyad raseedan wa haajat-e-baichaargaan ra rawa kardan wa gursingaan ra sair gardaneedan”
i.e. to redress the misery of those in distress, to fulfil the needs of the helpless and to feed the hungry.”

guides our lives. Khwaja Garib nawaz ka karam hum sab par bana rahe. Ameen

The India Harmony Foundation (IHF) was established in the year 2010 by its Founder President Late Shri Zafar Saifullah, former Cabinet Secretary, Government of India with Dr. A.R. Kidwai, former Governor of West Bengal, Bihar & Haryana; Shri Rehman Khan, M.P. and  Deputy Chairman, Rajya Sabha; Shri Virender Dayal, former Chef -de –Cabinet, United Nations New York. and former Member, Human Rights Commission; Shri G.S Chawla, Senior Journalist; Smt. Louise Khurshid, former M.L.A. & Senior Journalist; Dr. Spalzes Angmo, Member, National Commission for Minorities; Shri S.K Zaheer, former UN Civil Servant & President, Shia College, Lucknow; Smt Zakia Zaheer, Educationist and well-known Urdu Litterateur;  Shri Keki Daruwalla, Poet Writer & former Chairman, JIC, Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India; & Smt. Kulsoom Noor Saifullah, Entrepreneur, Publisher and Social Activist as Founder Trustees.


mrs Kulsoom Noor Saifullah with the board of Trustees releasing the magazine

Their mission is:

All Indians, deep in their hearts, yearn for the old days of social harmony. In recent times, discord and animosity have generated bitterness and ennui, and these must be rooted out of our system and our psyche. It is most important to bring back the harmony and conviviality of that period of our history which seems to be slipping away at a rather terrifying pace. The India Harmony Foundation aims to make a contribution in that direction.

Every year they recognise people in public life who are contributing to promotion of  national harmony.

This year they had four awardees and I am honoured, humbled and privileged to be one of them and amongst very distinguished company.

I amdeeply indebted to the foundation for considering me worthy of this award.


I received the award for promoting national harmony and brotherhood and  understanding through appreciation of our common heritage and culture

Invitation Card

It was a proud moment for me and my family.

Though I do have a large body of written and published work I was very happy to be honoured for my work on social media as that is the best platform to engage with the youth today and remind them of our shared cultural heritage and glorious past.


That it was at the hands of the Honourable Vice President Mr. Hamid Ansari who is himself a champion of Ganga Jamuni Tehzeeb and syncretic values was the loveliest icing on the cake.

the speech that he gave emphasised the point


“We should be vigilant against forces that seek to exploit our diversity in religion, language and culture to divide our people: Vice President”


As soon as friends started getting the news on twitter and Facebook there was a flood of greetings which are enough to warm the coldest of hearts. For me they are my family and their greetings very precious to me.

I give only a few. The rest of them are saved in my heart.

My daughter sent the first tweet and I love you too beta.












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