Saturday, October 20, 2018

Customs & Traditions

No one say it better than Mir Taqi Mir already did!

Kiya bood u baash poocho ho poorab kai saakino
hum ko gareeb jaan kai huns huns pukaar kai
Dilli jo aik shahar tha aalam mai intikhaab
rahtay thay hee jahaan muntakhib roozgaar kay
us ko falak nai loot kay weeraan kar diya
hum rahnay waalay hain usee ujray dayaar kai’.

What do you want to know of my whereabouts, Oh people of the East

Finding me poor you mockingly jest with me

Delhi that was a unique city, select in the world

Where only the chosen of the age lived

The heavens have looted it to make it desolate

I am a resident of that desolated land.

There is no doubt that till 1857 Delhi was the centre of art, culture, literature and of course food. My endeavour is to take you through the by lanes of Hazrat e Dilli on a journey into the past