Dargah of Sheikh Salahuddin Darvesh

Hazrat Sheikh Salaahuddin Darvesh (R.A) (1348)Hazrat ‘S Name Is Salaahuddin Darvesh. He Was Murid And Khalifa Of Sheikh Sadruddin. 

Sheikh Salahuddin Darvesh

Hazrat Salahuddin Was A Saint Of The Status Like Of Sheikh Nasiruddin Chiraag-E-Dehlvi. 

there are graves of two buzurgs. the other name is not known

Hazrat Salahuddin Darvesh did not bow down to dictate of kings . 

He was from  Multaan And Settled In Delhi.

May he be awarded with Jannat

the mosque attached to the dargah. it has been built upon the old structure

Though location is very shabby considering the age the dargah is in good condition

Waafat:- 749 (Hijri) 1348 E And Hazrat Was Buried In His Own Khanqqah Premises.

Location:- Dargaah Is Situated In West Savitri Nagar Green Area Sheikh Sarai Phase-1.

this was obviously a medieval cemetey for those wanting to be buried near the saint. may have been part of his khanqah itself. he is buried in the khanqah

 There is a car repair facility st the entrance of a lane. Keep going inside the lane and you see the board of the mosque

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