Dastarkhwan e Ramzan : Aloo Chat and Dahi Phulki

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Keeping the theme as light, non oily foods for iftar, today I give the recipes for aaloo chat and Dahi Phulki.

All portions are for 3-4 people

Aloo Chat


3 potatoes boiled

Chat masala

Lemon – 1-2 tbsp depending on how sour you like it.


Diced onions, green chilli and green coriander : onions & coriander 1tbsp each, chilli to taste

Method :

Boil the potatoes, cut them into small cubes

Sprinkle all the masala and lemon juice.

Mix well

Garnish with above

Dahi Phulki :


Gram flour – i/ cup

Diced Onion

A pinch of baking soda

Salt to taste

A pinch of ajwain seeds

1/2tsp garlic paste

Red Chilli powder to taste

1 cup dahi

1 bowl of hot water

For Garnish :

1/4 tsp each of cummin seeds and methi seeds, 1-2 whole red chili broken into two

1 tbsp oil


Mix the gram flour with salt, Diced onions, baking soda, ajwain seeds, with a little bit of water. Beat well till you see bubbles.

Leave aside for half an hour.

Heat oil in kadhai and make small pakodi (we call it phulki)

Take out phulki From the kadhai, shaking off excess oil.

Put the phulki into the hot water for the oil to leave it. It also becomes soft.

Meanwhile in separate serving bowl mix curd with 1/2 cup water, garlic paste, salt and chilli powder.

Now take phulki out of water lightly pressing it so any water it’s soaked can be squeezed out.

Add to curd.

Heat the oil put in al ingredients of for Garnish. When crackling add to the dahi phulki.

It’s a lovely snack. Goes well with Chana ghughni, and Aloo Chat.

Enjoy your iftar

Link for ghughni recipe


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