Dastarkhwan e Ramzan : Baked Potato Rolls

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Ingredients :

1. Boiled potatoes -2-3

Finely chopped coriander leaves, green chilli and 1/2 tsp onions.

1/2 tsp roasted Cummin powdee

Khatai – amchoor – dried mango powder

Salt and red chili to taste

Peel potatoes add all ingredients and mash well. Salt should be last thing you add as mix will leave water.

Alternate mix:

You can stuff it with crushed paneer and peas instead of potatoes.

Or make it half paneer/ half potato mix

& add green boiled peas to it

2. 6 slices of bread ( edges trimmed)


1. Dip bread slice into slightly warm water and then lightly squeeze out water.

2. Keeping it in the palm of your hand fill potato mix in it and close the slice around it to form a roll.

3. Brush it with oil.

Bake either in an OTG / oven or air fryer.

Tasty and light snack for iftar

Serve with tomato ketchup

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