Dastarkhwan e Ramzan: Nargisi Kofte

Take 1/2 kg mutton mince 

prepare half of it as for shami kabab 


The rest put into a blender. Add 1tsp khus khus , 1 sliced and fried onion, 1/2 tsp chopped ginger and salt and blend till well mixed

Now mix the 2 mince meat together

Boil 8 eggs till hard. Cool and peel.

Cover the eggs with the mince mix 

Dip the egg mince in beaten egg and shallow fry. 

Note when covering it make sure you roll it well so that it is smooth and won’t crack when frying. In case it does- I always test fry one- tie it up with thread. 

Shallow fry them all and set aside.

For gravy

Fry 2 onions golden brown and grind them.

Take 1cuo thick curds

1 tbsp dhania p

1 tbsp garlic paste

Chilli to taste 


Roast  all of above in oil till a nice aroma emanates and oil leaves the sides . Add water -1 cup

Cut the eggs into half lengthwise

It’s called nargisi because that’s a term used to describe beautiful eyes and eggs cooked and cut like this resemble eyes

Use very sharp knife. Pat back mince in place if dislodged.

Pour gravy into shallow bowl. Place the eggs one by one. You could put in microwave for a minute.

Let the gravy soak in for 5 min after that and serve.

Ready to serve 

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