Grilled Fish with Baby Carrots & Peas 

, Sons Can Cook

Living abroad has its own charms and drawbacks.

The biggest drawback for students/ single professional is home cooked food.

This blog is my endeavour to make it easy to cook and manage for young boys and girls who start with zero knowledge of cooking.

The way I’m doing it is that my son goes to closest supermarket and sends me pictures of what’s available. I plan recipe according to that. 

Will try simple recipes and then go on to more complex ones later

Green peas of every variety is available in the stores in the west

So are baby carrots. 

But some sesame seeds

Get a bottle or packet of sesame seeds and some olive oil ( pomace or oil which can be cooked on high heat)

Heat 1 tsp oil add a spoon of sesame seeds , toss a few seconds and add a cup of baby carrots and peas to it. Stir fry on high heat

Sprinkle salt, paprika and some herbs if u like and eat with fish fillets.

You could buy breaded fillets which you can shallow or deep fry as per your dietary choice

I prefer tilapia fillets on which I add a tbsp of dahi and 1/2 tsp of garlic paste and some shan fish Madala. Marinate for an hour and then shallow fry.

Shan masala has salt so taste if you want more. I usually don’t. 
This version also looks good. 

There’s so much choice in the frozen food dept of most western supermarket that you can experiment.

Enjoy with brown bread & butter

This was cooked as per the recipe and sent by son 

Tip from my daughter :

 I think brussel sprouts, asparagus and corn should be steamed or stir fried with a balsamic dressing as a side to his meat main
My friend Zeba whose sons are also living in their own abroad adds:

Parchment paper has to be cut in a large square….then you lay your salmon or fish on it….your sliced veggies…on top then top it with a mixture of chopped ginger garlic black pepper powder soy or tamari or Bragg’s liquid Amino’s….these sauces…very little sauce though…a bit of olive oil…close the packet….flip it then put it in a baking dish and bake for sometime on 350 or 400….f.,The parchment paper will puff up….take it out and very carefully make a slit…so steam escapes….you can eat out of it….and just discard the paper.
No cleanup

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