Jaun Eliya 

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#JaunEliya ( people wonder at the name) The original Jaun or Jon bin Huwai was a companion of Hazrat Ali. He was an Abyssinian Christian who converted to Islam. After Hazrat Ali’s demise he joined Imam Hussain.

John spent the whole night of Ashura sharpening his sword. On the following day he helped in repelling the first two attacks from Yazid ibn Muawiya’s army. At mid-day, after the Zuhr prayers, John came to Hussein, and stood silently. Hussein looked at John and said, “John, I know you have come for my permission to go to the battlefield. You have been a good and trusted friend. I will not deny you martyrdom for Islam. Go, Allah be with you!” John smiled happily. He faced the enemy and recited a poem which said:
I am a soul willing to die for Allah,

and have a sword thirsty of the blood of his enemies

Before I die I shall fight the enemies of Allah,

with my sword and my tongue serve the grandson of his prophet 
He attained shahadat in Karbala

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