Jhatpat Meetha Tukda

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Quick Meetha Tukdra –
Full cream milk – 11/2lts
Condensed milk – 1 tin
Bread – 8 slices
Choti Illaichi – 2
1.Cut the bread in half n deep fry till golden.
2.Boil the milk and illaichi till it reduces to less than half the quantity( keep stirring).
3.Throw the illaichi.
4.Add condensed milk and mix well.
5.Cook the pieces of bread in the milk for just a minute; a few at a time..should remain crisp.
6. Layer the bread in a dish.
7. Let d milk mixture boil till nice and thick.
8. Take off the fire. Add keowra and saffron.
9. Pour over the bread slices.
10. Garnish with silver warq and almonds.

Add keora and saffron. Serve cold.
Note: Be careful to stir in the condensed milk properly as it tends to sit at the bottom and burn.

Recipe via Mrs Sakina Hussain

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