Makhdoom Sabzwari Mosque

In Hauz Khas is the posh Mayfair Gardens a residential colony. At first appearance it seems like any other housing complex but it hides a treasure.
This is the entrance to a Lodi Period mosque. The remarkable feature is the lovely fluted dome on the gateway.
The curious might want to venture in and would be greeted by a single aisle mosque with a big quadrangle.
This mosque is localky known as MAKHDUMKI   It is named after a saint Makhdum Sahib of whom not much is known.
The notable features, on the west facade of the prayer chamber, are projected central mihrab, sloping buttresses and a balcony with arched cells. It is assignable to Lodi period (A.D .1451- 1526).
The mosque forms the western part of an enclosure which contains many graves.
There is one domed pavilion which could possibly be of the saint himself
Though a few people were sitting on the lawns the mosque and graveyard itself were deserted except for tjis little fellow
It is quite a pretty sight
The mosque itself is in good shape. The doorway to the stairs which lead to the roof was locked.
Thos is the entrance to the mosque from inside
This entrance to the graves from outside.

On one site which had a writeup on the mosque I found this. (

I can not verify it , just adding it here for your discretion. Though many mujawirs and families of dargahs in Delhi did migrate to Pakistan
” bin hur kazmiApril 16, 2013 at 1:01 PM
please post some history
As i am one of his great grand son syed iqtedar ali kazmi sabzawari and his full name is added in our family tree as fakhrudin haider sabzawari and the old name of mayfair gardens was khurd purd dharnor which we heard from our grand mother ”
BL Add.Or.5475, f46v-47
From Metcalfe’s Dehlie Diary via British Library
Durgah (‘Shrine’) Mukhdoom (‘literally a Servant’) Subzwaree (‘title taken from the place of birth’) Saheb. The individual whose shrine is here represented was a native of the town of Subz in the Province of Kish, and was a person of uncommon talent. When he had acquired as much learning as his birth place could furnish him with, he proceeded to Shiraz and Bokhara, where he pursued
[The tomb and adjacent mosque of Makhdum Sabzavari.

Location Mayfair Gardens, Hauz Khas

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    Very nice information

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    Thank you Rana! I wanted some information on this charming shrine. There are some lovely fragments of painting inside the dome above the presumed saint’s grave.

    • ranasafvi 04 / 10 / 2017 Reply

      I don’t think they exist today.

    • ranasafvi 05 / 10 / 2017 Reply

      I don’t think anything remains of it now.

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