Mohammad Waali Mosque, Siri, Delhi 

, Hazrat-E-Dilli

A walk in the monsoons past the remains of the city walls and bastions of the second city of Delhi left mixed feelings. 

It looked pretty and green but I wondered how it must have looked when Alauddin Khilji built it to repulse Mongol attacks in 1303!

The Asiad Games, building of Siri Sports Complex and Asiad Village meant quite a lot of Siri ruins were demolished and built over.

A short walk and one is in front of the entrance doorway of Mohammad Waali mosque.?

My guide cheerfully greeted those sheltering from the rain in its doorway with a Ram Ram. Their reply left me pondering over the beauty of our syncretic culture. 

As you enter it the first thing that strikes you is the beautiful painted ceiling with its maroon lines and calligraphic central design in incised plaster. 

It’s quite bare now and though the name Mohammad Waali means it belongs to Mohammad there seems no ownership now except that of ASI. 

The mehrab or qibla walk must at one time been profusely decorated but now it seems to have been plastered over. 

The area around the mosque was used as a graveyard but now has been paved over at time of renovation. The Asiad Games in Delhi led to much renovation and revamping of monuments in Delhi. 

This medallion above on the walls of the mosque has the Ayat e Kareema written on it. 

La ilaha illa anta subhanaka inni Kunto Minaz zaleemeen.

This medallion has the 2nd and 3rd Ayat of Surah Fatir inscribed in incised plaster. 

Squib he’s decorated with calligraphy lead upto to making the square walls into a dome!

Here it reads Bismillah AR Rahman a raheem 

‏یہ ایک مشہور حدیث ہے

‏الدنیا مزرعۃ الاخرہ ۔ دنیا آخرت کی کھیتی ہے

A very apt and famous Hadith is inscribed here:

Duniya aakhirat Ki kheti hai 

The Kalima or Muslim creed: La ihaaha illallah Mohammed ur Rasool Allah

Location: Siri Fort Complex

Open: All days, Sunrise to Sunset 

Nearest Metro Station: Green Park Station

How to Reach: After getting down at Green Park Metro Station walk/take an auto to Siri Fort Sports Complex. Just before the Complex is the Siri Fort Children’s Museum. The archaeological area is opposite the Children’s Museum.

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