Morning assembly at Haji Public School, Breswana 

Every morning I would eagerly look forward to the morning assembly in Haji Public School.

Every day a different class would conduct the assembly and they would be prepared by their respective class teachers.

There would be a thought for the day, a small song or skit and then the students would read news snippets they brought.

Teachers would then discuss the news.

This would range from conservation of nature, condemnation of ISIS and fundamentalism& communalism , cleaning the hills, global warming, natural disaster & their causes & prevention, Rio Olympics, local issues and much much more. 

On Fridays it was a no uniform day and that’s when LKG and UKG would conduct assembly. The most adorable moments are from them

After that there would be a hygiene check and children would go to class.

I stalked them with my mobile to capture these moments.

Some of them for you

Parade stand at ease

Little Fatima was a clear favourite of mine and I have many photos of that doll

This was the time of silent prayers. may God grant these innocent children their heart’s desires

Lab pe aati hai dua banke tamanna meri

Ai Khuda ilm ki daulat ata kar

i hope i can get those sums correct today!

I hope i packed my English notebooks!

Please God I want to score full marks, take care of my spellings

How does the teacher expect us to keep pace with allthe different versions of causes for destruction of the Indus Valley Civilusation? maybe Iqra is right ultimately its all lies! (wonder if this is going theough the minds of Class 5&6)

Twinkle Twinkle little stars!

The only thing which limits my flight is my imagination and thats limitless

Sikander ne Porus se ki thi ladayi, jo ki thi ladayi to hum kya karein

i want totake you home! But Fatima knew she was safe. i couldnt carry her off iin these steep terrains

what’s with this mobile? i have more important things to think of: such as the tiffin break

Now should i give you a smile?

Class 6 praying: hopefully to do well in exams which were round the corner

Harun checking nails and teeth!

Another little Fatima with lots of attitude and swag! adorable

Sayema doing the hygiene check
BA BA Black Sheep 

During Ramzan assembly Sufiyan and Atif sang a lovely naat
Sulh sings ABCD

Shruti who volunteered in Haji Public School in 2014 had this to say

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