Moussaka is found in the cuisines of the countries of the former Ottoman Empire, with many local and regional variations.

It’s one of my favourites and very popular in the Mediterranean too.

Here I present two variations vegetarian and no vegetarian 

1. Take 2 big round eggplants 

Cut thin slices and sprinkle salt on it and set in a colander to drain. After 10 min wash, pat dry and deep fry in oil or as I did put it in an air fryer. Just oil the aluminium foil

2. Take minced meat or soya mince.

Soya mince has to be soaked in hot water.

Grind together 3 tomatoes, 1 onion and few cloves of garlic

Heat olive oil and add ground masala.

Stir fry the masala till oil leaves side. Add the mince , salt and cook. 

If it’s eat it will need to cook longer. You can pressure cook for 5 min.

Add mixed herbs. 1 tbsp

3. Prepare white sauce.

1 tbsp of butter, 1 tbsp of maida.

2 cups milk

Stir the maids in the butter for few minutes and put of gas. When cool add milk a little at a time, and keep stirring to prevent lumps.

Add salt, pepper and a bay leaf and cook for 5 min

Grate cheese – cheddar and set aside

4. Baking:

Put the mince in an oven proof dish 

Then layer it with the eggplants

Then pour the white sauce on top to cover it

Sprinkle the cheese and some mixed herbs

Bake till the sauce starts bubbling and turns a golden brown

Serve with garlic bread

Note:?the photos are from a vegetarian moussaka that I made

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