Patta Shaljam Gosht : Mutton with Turnip Leaves

If winter is here Can patta shaljam gosht be far behind?

A winter favourite I am cooking this as per my aunt Mrs Motahira Hasan’s recipe.

Earlier Apia tells me they would just put in all the ingredients in lots of desi ghee and cook on slow fire but She gives an easier recipe for today’s times. 


A bunch of fresh shaljam with leaves: the shaljam should be very small so leaves are tender ( chopped fine. Shaljam in half)

A handful of spinach- chopped finely 

Mutton – 500 GMs

2tbsp garlic paste

2 onions- ground

1 onion finely sliced

1tbsp each haldi and dhania powder

Mitch and salt to taste

1/4 tsp Garam masala

2tbsp desi ghee



Heat oil- veg oil . Fry the sliced onion . Add all the ground and powder masala and roast well

Add mutton and the chopped leaves . A few whole green chillies. 

Add a bit of water. Literally 2 spoons for leaves will leave water. Add salt

Pressure cook.

Open after steam escapes and dry the excess water

When serving add the desi ghee to the hot curry

Serve with chapati or makke ki roti


For veg option substitute mutton with soya nuggets

Everything else remains same

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