Picnic at 10,500 feet above sea level : Sraayan – A photo essay

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Above Breswana which itself is 7,500 feet above sea Level is the beautiful meadow called Sraayan. 

In summers all the villagers send their flock up there to graze. They maintain mud huts there where the cattle and they live side by side.

Riding to the top!

almost there

My hosts the Haji family who run Haji Public School also have one hut. It was decided we would go for an overnight stay. For the locals it’s an easy climb but for novices like me it’s tough so I go up on a horse along with Mr and Mrs Haji.

My ride is ready and Im nervous

The ride up

Its a glorious day

We have to go to the top of the hills visible here

Thick foliage makes it a beautiful ride

on the way is a scenic waterfall and we are almost there

Giving the horses and ourselves a rest

a sight for sore eyes

With the Hajis

Everyone rests

Ready to move. we are now halfway there and its been an hour already

Wild horses grazing

Another break

the purple flowered meadows

The snowy peaks of the Zanskar range

Ive reached !

Hot tea and chapatis being cooked on wood fire

the snowy peaks

These are the huts where the animals & their caretakers stay. we also slept in it that night

The animals come home at night

Evening approached

a magical evening

The cows come home

Magical time at dusk

Bonfire time

A bonfire is lit outside to provide warmth and fun.

Our bed for the night inside the hut.

I set an alarm to wale up for te sunrise

the gradient is steep and my knees are wobbling, still much ground to cover

a well earned rest! walking downhill is tough on the knees

But for Lassa Master i would have fallen many a times on the trip downhill

Lassa Masterji helps me downhill

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