Shahi Masjid and Madarsa , Moradabad Pahari, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi

During the Tughlaq era a saint by name of Syed Murad Ali Baba Shah settled in the Aravali Forest. After him this area got named Moradabad Ki Pahari

The date of his death on a renovated grave is 732 Hiri or 1331 AD

Syed Murad Ali Shah

Still revered by all faiths. His tomb is still old

as yet untouched

Inside the Aravali forest is a spectacularly renovated group of mosques/tombs dating from Lodi and Tughlaq times
Around that a madarsa and khanqah  developed. Whether in his time or later not much is known.

It’s called Qasai ka Gumbad and Shahi Masjid.

.Presently being used as a Madarsa called the ABDUL Mannan Academy.

There are two separate buildings. the one on left seems Tughlaq and on the right Lodi as by then the lotis kalash was being built in domes.

The children had just finished their Arabic Class.

restoration is very good

  • This probably serves as a dormitory

    according to Maulvi Rashid the medallion is original they have just repainted it

  • well restored and maintained
  • medallion



medieval. monument now a kitchen

old rocks and stones being dug. theres a wall underground from what i could see

the tandoor in a medieval. building

Food is still food and cooked on wood chulha

this seems the Lodi khanqah to me

the one on left seems the Tughlaq masjid

Wuzu time!

the tomb of. Syed Murad Ali Shah

the Aravali forest

this is an L shaped annexe to the khanqah. perhaps another tomb

lot of greenery

According to Maulvi Rashid the Imam here, his father Maulana Abdul Mannan got the papers searched for this and established a madarsa here 40 years ago. 

It is he who got it restored as he was fond of heritage preservation

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