#ShairBaithak on 22nd October 2016

, Sher o Sukhan

On 22nd October we had our first offline #shairBaithak in Humayun’s Tomb.Theme was #ShahiKalam or own verse. Great success 

This is a platform to give upcoming posts as well as established ones a platform 

It was well publicised thanks to Navbharat Times, Delhi so we saw many people coming from outside twitter

Images courtesy Syed Mohammed Qasim, Aditya Pathak and some I took myself


Shamshad Sahab read in the papers and came over. He set the ball rolling

Shaiullah Anis a #shair member from twitter recites his verse

Salim Subhanvi who is a voiceover artist and voice of Nobi’s father and Teacher first gave an example from Doraemon then recited his own verses

Salim Subhanvi. He too read in the newspapers and came

Longstanding #shair member Anand Pandey recites his verse


Well known poet Subodh Lal Ji recites his verse

#shair member Islam Hussain came from Nainital with his wife to attend

Arunima PATHAK sings Zafar. They were not allowed to bring in their guitar so Aditya PATHAK improvised 

A businessman who read in the newspapers graced the occasion with his verse

Another #shair member Shashank recites his poem

Ghanshyam came up to me and said I’ve never had a chance to recite my verse. He had read in the papers about this baithak and came to join us

#shair member Shailendra Bharadwaj came from Meerut for the occasion Here he recites his verse. 

#shair member Rajni Sharma recites her verses

Gayatri Manchanda recited her verses given below. Unfortunately I couldnt capture a video

बुझ गया है सब या कोई चिंगारी बाकी है ? मरते को जिलाने के लिये इतना काफी है ।

रखें उम्मीद पहलू में या दामन नया कर लें?

नया बाज़ार, मंहगा दिल, खरीदार काफी है।

इसी पशोपस में जिये जा रहें हैं कुछ दिनों से,

तन्हा करने को रुख्सत-ए-गमख्वार बाकी हैं ।

चिंगारियाँ झोली में तेरी रोज़ गिरती होंगी,

पर हम सी न होगी ,उम्मीद इतनी बाकी है ।

It was hugely successful and covered by Navbharat times and Hindustan 

With Rajni

Captured by Aditya PATHAK : baithak I n full swing

Patta patta boota boota jaane hamara jaane hai

Qasim documenting the event. Many pics in this collection are by him


Rapt audience

Aditya captures Mr &Mrs Islam Hussain

Anand and Shamshad bhai captured by Aditya

Dr Uzma Azhar Ali and friends captured

Anand reciting

Salim Subhanvi reciting

Singh Sahab and friends listening attentively

I look every inch a proud mother of #shair: great capture by Qasim

Mr Islam Hussain reciting

Mr &Mrs Shafiullah Anis captured by Qasim

A great capture by Qasim

This one captured by Aditya PATHAK

Mahv e Khayal

Arunima and Manisha lost in thought

Sudhir who first gave me the idea to hold an offline baithak

Alka and Indu enjoying themselves

Rajni brought her son and he enjoyed sketching the beauty around him

Saumya, Madhavan, Priyanka Gayatri, Alka, Shipra and Ruby enjoying the poetry and company

Here’s to many more baithak.

The next one on 26th November at Wutub Complex in lawns near Alai Minar at 3 pm

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