Taskeen Ko Hum Na Roye’n

, Sher o Sukhan

Aaj hasbe farmaish Mirza Ghalib ki ek ghazal
“Taskeen ko hum naa roye”
pesh e khidmat
This ghazal has an underlying meaning like most of Ghalib’s work which is beyod my scope to explain. I am giving literal meaning only

1. taskee’N ko ham na roye’n jo zauq-e-nazar mile
huraaN-e-Khuld mein terii suurat magar mile

Taskiin: Calming, Stilling, Tranquillizing, Soothing, Peace Of Mind, comfort
Zauq: Enjoyment, Delight, Interest, Pleasure
Huur: A virgin of paradise, a black-eyed nymph
Aan: Course, way, manner, mode
Khuld: Heaven, Paradise

1. I would not cry for solace, if you would cast an appreciative glance,
Your likeness amidst the nymphs of Paradise I find perchance

1 The poet says even in Paradise he would feel dissatisfied & incomplete without his Beloved. Even if her likeness is there,she is matchless and he would miss that perfection in Paradise.

2. apanii galii men mujh ko na kar dafn baad-e-qatl
mere pate se Khalq ko kyun teraa ghar mile

Dafn: Burial, Concealment
Qatl: Assassination, Bloodshed, Killing, Massacre, Murder ( Poet will surely be slain by the Beloved)
Khalq: World

2. Do not bury me in your street, after you slay me,
Lest people find your address, when looking for me

this verse is a testimony to Ghalib’s supreme ego &a natural jealousy.
People will find the Beloved bec they will pay homage at Ghalib grave.
Even in death the jealousy remains alive and poet doesn’t want anyone seeing his beloved and naturally falling in love with her.
Rashk or envy is a recurring theme in Urdu poetry

3. saaqii garii kii sharm karo aaj varnaa ham
har shab piyaa hii karate hain mai jis qadar mile

Saaqii-Gari: Bar tending, Selling wine
Shab: Night
Qadr: here – Amount, (also Appreciation, Dignity, Honor, Magnitude, Merit, Quantity, Value, Worth)

3. As my saaqi it behoves you to be very generous,
I am accustomed to drink every night, as much I am served

Though every night the poet drinks only limited amount (as much as he can afford ) tonight his Beloved’s honour/ generosity is at stake , so he expects an unlimited supply. No one should accuse her of miserliness or not doing justice to her role as the bar – tender.
( please do keep in mind the sufi perceptions of wine – devotion, saaqi- divine mercy, which is for all saint and sinner included)

4. tujh se to kuchh kalaam nahiin lekin ae nadiim
meraa salaam kahiiyo agar naamaabar mile

Kalaam: A Work, Composition, Discourse,
Nadiim: Intimate Friend
Naamaabar: Messenger, courier

please note that an unparalleled poet like Ghalib had an unparalleled Beloved. To see her was to fall in love with her as happens to the messenger, even though his friend had recommended a very reliable person for the task of carrying Ghalib’s message.

4. O Friend , I have no quarrel with you
But if you perchance meet the messenger( you recommended) give him my regards

The messenger instead of delivering the poet’s message has been so enchanted by the Beloved that he has forgotten his task and is lost in her beauty

5. tum ko bhii ham dikhaaye ke Majnu ne kyaa kiyaa
fursat kashaakash-e-Gam-e-pinhaaN se gar mile

Majnuun: Insane, Mad, Madly In Love
Fursat: Free, Leisure,
Kashaakash: Tussle, Dilemma, Grief And Pain Struggle
Pinhaan: Concealed, Secret
kashaakash-e-Gam-e-pinhaan – conflict of the hidden grief

5. I could show you what the madly in love Majnu did,
If only I could find leisure from my own hidden sorrows

Ghalib likens himself to Majnu who roamed near the Beloved’s streets in state of insanity & asks for forbearance of passers by. He is madly in love, steeped in his own sorrows, be kind to him people, don’t throw stones at him as you did at Majnu

6. laazim nahii.n ke Khizr kii ham pairavii karen
maanaa ke ek buzurg hamen ham safar mile

6. Laazim: Compulsory, Essential, Obligatory, Requisite
pairvaaii- pursuit , go after, imitation,
KHizr ख़िज़्र خضر name of a Prophet who is said to have discovered the fountain of life and drunk it, guide, patron saint of travellers
Buzurg: Aged, Elderly, Great, Noble, Old, Respectable, Senior, Venerable

6. It isn’t incumbent on me to follow Khizr
He is just another elderly co-traveller

everyone has to learn from their own mistakes, experiences and look out for themselves. Not everyone is fortunate to possess Khizr’s wisdom

7. 7. ae saakinaan-e-kuuchaa-e-dil_daar dekhanaa
tum ko kahiin jo Ghalib-e-aashuftaa sar mile

Saakinaan: Occupants, Quiescent, Residents
Kuuchaa: Street, Lane
Dil-Daar: Beloved, Charming, Sweetheart
Aashuftaa-sar: Mentally Deranged

7. Do tend to him, O residents of the Beloved’s street
If you ever run across the mentally distressed Ghalib

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