Tehsildari Qorma 

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Immediately after the Ghadar of  1857 the Mughal princes were either killed or had escaped from ShahJahanabad. It took many years for the remaining Mughals to be rehabilitated in Delhi and given pensions.

One prince had escaped to District Farrukhabad and when restructuring was talking place, the British appointed him the Tehsildar of Farrukhabad.

He became very close to the ancestors of my in laws who had settled in Shamsabad in the same district. They had come to India from Oran in the reign of Shah Jahan after the fall of the Safavid dynasty.

A popular dish in the family is called Tehsildari Qorma and is said to have come from the Mughal Prince’s kitchen.

All the ingredients

It’s an exotic blend of rabdi (reduced milk), Khoya, balai and khoya. All are whipped together and added to a cooked paste of onion, ginger garlic paste.

The recipe is part of a recently compiled book By Hina Abbas and Rahi Safawi called Dastarkhwan e Shamsabad.

So when Business Standard wanted to do a story and shoot for a story on lost recipes I asked Hina for moral support and she readily came.

I had cooked the Qorma once some years ago and had forgotten the process.

Hina showed  me the process 

The cream, rabdi, curd and khoya whipped together

The onions and ginger garlic being roasted

Add the meat

Add the cream mixture

dry the mixture and then add water to cook it

It’s ready!



The recipe


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  • dr sharad 14 / 04 / 2017 Reply

    Madam, where can I get the book Dastarkhan e shamsabad.
    Is it available on line.

    • ranasafvi 14 / 04 / 2017 Reply

      It’s just a family cookbook not commercially available

  • dr sharad 15 / 04 / 2017 Reply

    Thanks a lot. I ll wait for as n when its available for food hobbysts

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