The Monuments inside JLN Stadium, Delhi

, Hazrat-E-Dilli

There are three monuments inside the stadium out of which the Phoota Gumbad standing just next to the structure itself is the most famous. 

The structure is built on a raised platform. It is of a square plan with arched entrances on three sides and a closed wall (a mihrab recess) on the fourth – west side. The dome springs from an eight sided drum. The interiors of the tomb are decorated with arched niches and squinches. Externally, the features to be noted are the Kanguras on the drum wall, lotus crest on the dome and the high plinth.

Inside it. According to Maulvi Zafar Hasan, it’s a Lodi era tomb. 

To me however  it was the flat sixteen- sided tomb that was very interesting and attractive. Again a Lodi era monument, it stands on a platform. Each of the sixteen sides has a deeply recessed arch. On the south there is an entrance but with bats flying around it was impossible to enter.

The entrance

I wanted to venture in but bats flying around deterred me.

A short flight of stairs lead to the top which has some more Unknown graves. 

All these monuments have been repaired during the Commonwealth games

There’s another dilapidated and rather ugly tomb in front of  gate no 14

The only interesting feature is its octagonal chatri. 

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