Urdu Ghazal by Veer Savarkar

, Sher o Sukhan


Two Urdu ghazals written by Veer Savarkar  during the 11 year imprisonment  in Andaman Cellular Jail.
The ghazals, patriotic in character, are part of a notebook kept by Savarkar in prison, and there is much surprise that Savarkar has written in fluent Urdu, a language considered unlikely for the champion of political Hindutva. A ghazal is a sublime form of Urdu poetry.

The notebook was found in the collection of books handed down by the late S P Gokhale, an associate of Savarkar, to his daughter Manjiri Marathe, a trustee of the Swatantryaveer Savarkar Rashtriya Smarak, who made the discovery.

The notebook was on display at the Smarak opposite Shivaji Park maidan

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