Delhi in the First War of Indian Independence in 1857 :

I will be posting excerpts from Munshi Jeevan Lal’s Roznamcha or diary. Jeevan Lal was the British Governor General’s agent in The Mughal Court and it was practice to write a daily diary – a bulletin that was sent to the British officers. This continued during the summers of 1857.

Major Hodson of ‘Hodson Horse’ had established a highly efficient intelligence network and recruited the Services of Rajab Ali, Mirza Ilahi Baksh, father-in-law of heir apparent, Mirza Fakhru, and Munshi Jeewan Lal.

They reveal the highly organized spy net-work run by Hindus and Muslims who outmatched each other in providing vital information to the British regarding the activities of rebels.
12th May 1857
16th May 1857

18th May 1857 

19th May 1857 

20thMay 1857