Sunrise in Giza : A story in Stone

Nov 2009

The first thing that hits you when you reach Giza is the sense of awe.
Come on its the realisation of a dream!
You are in front of one of the greatest wonders of ancient world, still surviving.
The engineering and labour that has gne into making it , is mind boggling.
And to our joy we reached early morning and saw the sun rising, making some of the snaps my husband took look unreal!

The early morning sun also seems to be awed by the Greta Pharoah Cheops’ vision and is going on a high!

Then you come to the Sphinx— A lion with a pharoah’s head.
Of course there are many stories about how the sphinx lost its nose! But it still looks grand and huge sitting there guarding the pyramids

The causeway in the funerary temple.

Trick photography done by guide. He asked me to hold upmy hand and made it look as if I was trying to rub the sphinx’s non existent nose!

The Sphinx in the night lights at the sound and light show. Omar Shariff provides the voice overs. But I must confess the sound and light at Red Fort is far grander.


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