a Deccani scientist Hassan Chalebi Rumi Khan who migrated from Turkey and got employment under the Nizam Shahi Kingdom of Ahmed Nagar forged this cannon.

This gun was installed on the bastion of Parenda fort, when Bijapur troops won the war Murari Pundit brought it to Bijapur as a war trophy and installed on a special bastion which was built for this cannon and named it Sherza Burz

( information via Abdul Aziz Rajput)

Malik e maidan tope in Bijapur

From the inscriptions on the bastion, it is deduced that the gun was cast in 1549 at Ahmadnagar from bell metal by Muhammad Bin Husain Rumi.

Apparently a inscription on the gun recording that fact was erased by Aurangzeb, who substituted the present inscription stating that he conquered Bijapur in 1686

The unusual feature of the gun is that its muzzle is shaped in the form of a lion head with carved open jaws as if devouring an elephant (depicted between the jaws)

Malik E Maidan (Monarch of the Battlefield) cannon

Cast 1549 in Ahmadnagar

Length 4.5m, diameter 1.5m, 28 inch bore, weight 55 tons. One of the largest weapons of medieval times.

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