Articles on inter faith iftars 2017 in Delhi/NCR

The first iftar a brain child if Nazia Erum was held in the house of Hana Mohsin Khan. Twelve women joined in tenthusiastically to open their homes to strangers they had met on social media so cthat they ould see what went on in Muslim homes during iftar in the month of Ramzan.

Hamara paigham hai mohabbat jahan tak pahunche 

Only when we meet, greet and interact with people of every faith that we realise there is no ‘other’ its only us.

Our iftar was one such initiative to give non Muslims a peep into what goes on in our lives in the month of Rmzan

I have tried to collect together some of the aphotographs nd articles which ogive the rest f the details. 
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It was covered by many newspapers and magazines 

Alka Kaushik : travel writer said, “I attended the Iftaar for the first time in my life and it was such an eye opener. Never knew the true meaning of roza which Rana Safvi apa explained so beautifully. Didn’t knew despite being a Hindu I can be part of an Iftaar gathering, for all my life I considered it to be a strictly religious affair… I was so ignorant of simple customs of a community I share my space with so very often.”

This was the second iftar and it was organised in the house of Ali Sherwani 

“And so what if we couldn’t win the cricket match that evening in London, but in Delhi, some hearts were definitely won.”

A third one was held in Zakat Foundation of India where Ummul Khair the UPSC select gave a motivational talk to some 60 young girls 

The fourth one in the house of Nazia Erum which was covered live by bbcnews on their Facebook page 
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What does tolerance taste like? Find out at an interfaith iftar

In Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Guwahati, Muslim women are hosting Ramzan dinners, opening up their culture (and fabulous spread) to those outside the community 

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