Battisi Baoli, Chanderi

I had read about Battisi Baoli so was determined to find it. It is the largest Baoli in Chanderi and always has water even in the peak of summers.

But it was difficult. Though I have found MP tourism very good at maintaining heritage, there were no sign boards to make it easy.

It’s a long trek on a dirt track with wilderness around to reach it. Though it is said to ne motorable our driver refused and rightly so. Only 4 wheel drive can go through.

But the effort of the long walk was well worth it. It’s quite spectacular.

Steps descend from one storey down to the next and at each storey there are eight ghats or platforms. The number of ghats total to 32 which has given this Baoli its name.

According to an inscription there the work on this Baoli was begun during the reign of Sultan Ghyasuddin Khilji by a person named Taghi, and completed in the year 1484.

Chanderi has many Baolis and is a gem of a place for heritage lovers.

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