Beethoven’s Bonn

An early start took us to Bonn. This was one city I didn’t research because I was very sure references and house of Bonn’s most famous son would be easy to find.
We entered Bonn to find Beethoven Parking Platz . Ah! We said this must be his house and went and parked in there.
By the way the first level of this underground parking was reserved for women.The parking is adjacent to Beethoven Hall on Wachsbleiche 16, Bonn and not Beethoven house.
Anyway we came out onto a Concert Hall with a huge Beethoven bust

The bust given above is made of concrete
it is called BEETHON and made by Professor Klaus Kammerichs, an artist from Düsseldorf. Since 1986 it has been standing in front of the Beethoven hall.
The word Beethon is a combination of the two words : ‘Beethoven’ and ‘béton’ (concrete)
We walked around the Hall for a bit and decided to head for Beethoven Haus.

Everything of interest in Europe is within walking reach of the Cathedral and Beethoven Haus was also very close to that so it made seeing everything easy.

It was closed when we reached and to while the time along with some Japanese tourists we took turns in photographing each other .The Museum opens at 10am

No photographs are allowed inside the house and there are no words to describe the feelings one has when you enter the room where Ludwig van Beethoven was born or see his violin and hear the divine music he played.

The windows are of the room where the Maestro was born

But what remains in your mind are the feelings of the tortured genius who made divine music but could not hear it himself!

for details of Beethoven Haus and Museum

From there we walked onto the Rathaus to town hall and since it was a Sunday it was market day and an aura of festivity prevailed

In front of the Post office in Munster Platz a on Beethoven’s 75th birthday, a bronze statue was erected and the first Beethoven Festival was celebrated. The statue was made by Ernst Hähnel

Market Day at Munster Platz

The beautiful Munster
the soul of every German city could be found in its Munster!!!

And beethoven looks on !
iTunes vs the 5th Symphony

For Music may come and music may go but Beethoven remains a rock star forever

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