BulbuliKi in Siri 

, Hazrat-E-Dilli

A recce for my book led me to explore all the beauties of Shahpur Jat, a village that now lies in the second city of Delhi, Siri.

Since prolific construction activity especially during the Asian Games in Delhi in 1982 quite a lot has already been destroyed.

I had heard of a mosque called Bulbul waali but had no idea where to find it.

Luckily I found a helpful gentleman who stays in Shahpur Jat and he took me.

This mosque is inside the Asiad Park behind the restaurant Asiad Tower.

Zafar Hasan doesn’t describe it as a mosque but as a building used as a fodder store by villagers.

For me its of interest as its from the Khilji period and has survived even if in a ruinous condition

He describes it as a  building in ruins, with three arched openings to the south.

He says it consists of a central chamber surrounded by series of arched comparttments.

The roof of the chamber has fallen

It is built of rubble masonry

So is it a mosque?

There quite a horrible looking jug added by the restaurant or park people.
Was supposed to be the pride of Delhi in 1982 : a revolving restaurant. To me it just looked like a water tank

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