Cultured conversation in Urdu : Abdul Halim Sharar

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Abdul Halim Sharar in #GuzishtaLucknow

“Culture & good manners demand that conversation be free of obscene words.

“Words& opinions that might be displeasing to others should be left unsaid and unexpressed. If necessary to bring up an unpleasant subject it should be couched in such terms that the feelings of

The person addressed are not hurt and worded as gently and pleasantly as possible.”

A number of words r used to give respect to people when addressing them


Janab e Wala- Honourable Sir

Janab e Aali- Exalted Sir

Hazrat – dignified Sir

Huzoor- Your highness

Huzoor e Vaala

Huzoor e Aali

Sarkar- Master

Qibla- Exalted Sir

Qibla o Kaba- Your Holiness

Sharar says no other language has such honoforic words of address

Mizaaj e Aali? How is your exalted health?

Mizaaj e Mubarak? How is your blessed health?

Mizaaj e Aqdas? How is your Sacred health?

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