Dara Shukoh ‘s Haveli : Manzil e Nigambodh

Some glimpses of the original building built by Dara Shukoh and the new additions

You can read more here:

The house that Dara Shukoh built :http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/columns/the-house-that-dara-shukoh-built/article18061850.ece

These photos are from 2017

Shah Jahan ‘s favorite engrailed arch

The red sandstone arches are original the top must be additions

Ionic arches added by the British Resident

Plaque saying it was the British Residence

Sagging ceilings, gaping holes

The original part: also modified

See the brutality of time

Repairs were going on on 2017 by INTACH when I visited

A cupboard full of PGW from 1500 BC

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