Dargah of Hazrat Naserullah Wali in Bijapur

In the middle of Bijapur ‘s Sarraf bazar is an important dargah, Sikander masjid and a simple grave of the last ruler of Bijapur

the dargah on left is Khwaja Nasrallah Wali son of Baba Farid in bijapur

When Hazrat Gesu daraz came to bijapur he walked barefoot because his Dada Pir’s son was buried here

On the right is Hazrat Naimullah Hashmi who was the spiritual teacher of Sultan Sikander Adil Shah.

Sikander Adil Shah was defeated by Aurangzeb and imprisoned. He died in captivity.

His grave is in the foreground as he wished to be buried at the feet of his Pir.

A painting of “The House of Bijapur” was completed in the year 1680, during the reign of Sikandar Adil Shah the last ruler of the Adil Shahi dynasty.

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