Encroached Tombs 

In the compound of Hazrat Salahuddin Darwesh Dargah are two gumbad a which are used as a dumpyard  by two families living there.

This area must have been a much in demand cemetery but now it’s prime land only

Grave tales

Been staying here for many years in a house adjacent to Gumbad.

The Cenotaph has been removed now. i peeped in

Bricked up

it seems such a waste of time to erect memorials to death

Who lay here?

There are no ghosts here. I asked

once upon a time loved ones must have lit candles for the dead. souls

Together in death and desolation

some more construction planned

Sheikh Salahuddin Darvesh the saint who pulled other people to make graves here

Another angle of second gumbad

living is tiring business. who’s worried about the dead!

Faizan and friends live behind the tombs

a green wicket gate to the one room house next to the gumbad

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