Hazrat Patte Shah

I was walking along the path that goes dpwn from the Humayun’s Tomb Complex towards the Bateshewala Mahal when I chanced upon a beautiful green doorway near Humayun’s tomb and entered it.
The doorway has s marble plaque which describes it as
Dargah Patte Wali Hazrat Shamsuddin Utawala Rahmatullah written on it.
Below it in bold letters
‘ Baab e Rahmat’ door of mercy is inscribed.
According to “MAJARATE AULIA-E-DEHLI” the word Utawala was added to the saint’s name because people who used to come the hazrat to get their wishes fulfilled, had their wishes fulfilled very fast and so the saint became famous with the name “UTTAWALA”.
Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya (R.A) Mehboob e Ilahi would tell his disciples that if they want their Deeni ( religious) and Duniyavi (worldly) wishes to be fulfilled soon , then heshe should go to HAZRAT SHAMSUDDIN (R.A).
There are different accounts regarding Hazrat Shamsuddin Utaawala. He is said to have been either a saint of the Suharwardi silsila or a mureed (folliwer/disciple) of Hazrat Turkman Bayabaani. In one place it is mentioned he was the mureed of Hazrat Qutubuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki (R.A).
According to Auliya e Hind :
“HAZRAT was a great BUZURG and WALI-E-KAAMIL as well as SAAHIBE KAAMIL SUFI of his time. HAZRAT used to light fire and used to sit on the ash of the fire and HAZRAT has digged a qabar there and at night used to sleep in that qabar and covered himself with the ash so as no one could see HAZRAT.”

It is said that whenever Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya used to visit him, he would hide in that qabar and was unwilling to meet Hazrat Nizamuddin.
It is said that a Sayyad boy who was his khadim asked him the reason why when everyone else can meet him why does he avoid Mahbiob e Ilahi? “HAZRAT replied that HAZRAT NIZAMUDDIN is a great WALI of this time but he has”DUNIYAAVI JAHOJALAAL” in him and for a FAKIR away from all the wordly things like me, therefore it is not appropriate for me to meet NIZAMUDDIN. But my KAFAN-DAFAN and NAMAAZ-E-JANAAZA would be done by HAZRAT NIZAMUDDIN. AND ON HAZRAT’S WAAFAT, HAZRAT NIZAMUDDIN AULIA (R.A) PERFORMED KAFAN-DAFAN AND NAMAAZ-E-JANAAZA FOR HAZRAT SHAMSUDDIN.” (From Auliya e Hind)
For that reason he is famous today as Haxrat Patte Shah
And anyone who eats a leaf from the tree that grows near his mazar will have their wishes fulfilled.
The present day Khadim gave me a patta too wrapped in a batasha (sugar candy) and a rose leaf
He also gracioysly told me the history of Hazrat Patte Shah
There was a lady there who had come to pray there tgat she had heard from her grandmother that the old tree growing there used to curve in such a way that the Urdu letters
M H M D were formed which is how Mohammad is written in Arabic.

Now this tree has dried up and been pruned.

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