In neglected Burhanpur, where Mumtaz Mahal once rested 

In neglected Burhanpur, where Mumtaz Mahal once rested : 

The enclosing walls

Inside the Aahukhana building

The sun set here long ago

I’m apalled and disturbed

The middle of nowhere ( now)

The Baghicha where Mumtaz Mahal was given her funeral

The mosque in the Baghicha

The Baghicha complex with mosque and Hauz for ghusl

The Baghicha building where her its is held

Apparently some repairs are to be done

The Tapti river from the Baghicha

This is supposed to be the Hauz where ghusl was given


Shiv temples on the Tapti river as seen from the Baghicha

State of disrepair

Did Shah Jahan need support when he came here to bid his empress goodbye!

Mosque in Baghicha

The only surviving Darwaza of the Aahukhana

Says Mumtaz Mahal Begum ki qabr

A baradari that is in danger of falling down. Once resting place of Mumtaz Mahal

A romantic attempt by me. The reality is much worse

Baradari in aahukhana where Mumtaz was initially buried

Can you imagine how many tears Shah Jahan would have wept here!


The pillars can fall down any time – baradari

This is the baradari where Mumtaz Mahal was buried for 6 months

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