Jung aur Aman by Sahir Ludhianvi

, Sher o Sukhan

khoon apna ho ya paraya ho
nasal-e-aadam ka khoon hai akhir,
jung mashriq mein ho ya ke maghrib mein
amn-e-aalam ka khoon hai akhir!

Whether it my blood or that of a stranger

It is the blood of a human

Whether war is in the west or in the east

Its the murder of universal peace

jung tau khud eik masla hai
jung maslon ka hal kiya deygee?
khoon aur aag aaj bakhshay gee
bhook aur ehteaaj kal deygee!     

War is itself the problem

It isn’t  the solution to any problem

Today it will give fire and blood 

And Hunger and want tomorrow

is liye aye “shareef insaanon”
jung taltee rahay tau behtar hai,
aap aur hum sabhee ke aangan mein
shama jaltee rahay tau behtar hai!

And so O noble human

It’s better to let war burn itself out

Better for you and I if what burns

In our courtyards are  candles

bartaree kay soobooth ki khatir
khoon bahaana hee kiya zaroori hai???
ghar ki taareekiian mitaanay ko
ghar jalaana hee kiya zarooree hai?????

To prove one’s won greatness

Is it  necessary to shed blood?

To erase the darkness inthe house 

Is it necessary to set it ablaze?


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