laayee hayaat aaye : Sheikh Ibrahim Zauq

, Sher o Sukhan
Laayi hayaat aaye, qazaa le chalii chale
na apni khushii aaye, na apni khushii chale

behtar to hai yehii ke na dunyaa se dil lage
par kyaa kareen jo kaam na be-dillagii chale

ho umr-e-khizr bhii to kahen ge ba_vaqt-e-marg
ham kyaa rahe yahaaN abhi aaye abhii chale

duniyaa ne kis ka raah-e-fanaa mein diyaa hai saath
tum bhii chale chalo yuuN hi jab tak chali chale

kam hoonge is bisaat pe ham jaise bad_qimaar
jo chaal ham chale woh nihaayat burii chale

jaa ke havaa-e-shauq mein hain is chaman se ‘Zauq’
apanii balaa se baad-e-sabaa kaheen chale

My translation of Zauq’s famous ghazal

1. Life brought me, death took me away
I neither came of my free will, nor did happiness have a say

2. Tis better to not get attached to worldly objects,
But what if this indifference doesnot get its way

3.Even if gifted with ever lasting life, at time of death,
I would say, i just came, and its time to go away

4. When has the world supported anyone on this path of mortality.
You also keep pace with life, thus, till you have your way

5. There must be very few gamblers, as bad as me
Whatever move I made was a loser straight away

6. Zauq bids farewell on the wings of yearning
Matters it little to me if the breeze comes ever your way

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