Let’s visit Masjid e Jahan Numa or Jama Masjid, Shahjahanabad 

Today I invite you to take a virtual tour with me in #JamaMasjid, Shahjahanabad: one of India’s largest mosque.

Let’s enter

Gate no 1 also called Abdullah Gate

Outside the #JamaMasjid in Mughal era there used to be a secular market & place to showcase the arts of the era. These included Dastango, jugglers etc

Now we see only religious articles being sold

Notice the beautiful brass doors #JamaMasjid Delhi . The wood can be seen behind

notice the carved flowers

Visitors are awestruck by the grandeur inside the gate itself

And then be prepared for your first look of the wondrous Jahan Numa Mosque #JamaMasjid

namaz in Jama Masjid

Though women can’t stand in between the jamat or congregational prayers ( during jamat they  have to pray in the side galleries) at non jamat times no restrictions. I pray Zohar- the noon prayers.

offering prayers together

There are other women praying too and no one was bothering them .

Namaz over I wander in the #JamaMasjid & notice the yellowing marble . In fact from far I had thought the inlay was brass they looked so yellow!

Selfie craze

Young boys posing for selfies on the mimbar from where Imam gives Khutba.

Selfie craze seems to have driven us crazy

Though this chandelier is new it’s still magnificent . Would love to know what kind of lantern hung here under Shah Jahan

the mehrab

The central mehrab which denotes the Qibla for the namazi #JamaMasjid

the northern minar

I decide to climb the 40 m high minaret and go to the ticket window . The southern tower is open for visitors.

As I pay he asks me “only one ticket? ” I say “yes.”

“Well single women aren’t allowed ,”I’m told. “Show me where ,”I challenge the boy behind the ticket counter. I ask him  laharo’n can a single woman do that a single boy won’t?”

He’s rattled and quickly issues me the ticket.

the steps leading up

Near Gate no 3 there’s a small door which leads upto the Minar top. It’s dark & dingy but comfortable as in we can see well.

the long walk. keep socks with you as its hot and rough

These first set of steps open onto the roof of the side gallery of the mosque. One has to walk the length of that to reach the central hall steps

Second level of toof

I’m up on the second level, which is eye level with the domes. #JamaMasjid I notice the flat Bangla type roof near main arch. Must read at its architectural necessity


About 50 steps till the Minar. Then another 135 steep circular steps around a round pillar. They are very narrow and for one person at a time and no place to stop and take a breath. Thus very tiring.

Tired me!

I’m panting by the time I reach on top as there’s no place to rest & one can’t stop as not enough space for others to pass by . There are other older people resting on the top of the circular pillar. The youngsters are jumping about.

The Minar with a view


Breath back its back to breathtaking view from the top. Now there r grills but what must have been quite a view earlier. I can see all the way upto the Qila e Mubarak

The perfection of the lotus finial is to die for!

Worth every bit of huffing and puffing lungs and groaning knees

Aah the symmetry! Every bit as close to my heart as Shah Jahan. I hate anything not being in proper place and symmetry .

Notice the size

The Mashriqi or Eastern Darwaza from the Minar with a view.

There’s quite a crowd and not enough space for all so I decide not be greedy & head down after few more shots .

on the minar wall

Is this medieval graffiti in Arabic and Persian or just scratches?

From the side of first level

I descend back to a more modern world

first level

And I’m going down again

From matia mahal

And back into the chaos of Matia Mahal

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