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, Sher o Sukhan

O Miyaan, O Allah…
1. Mann Nami goyam Analhaq yaar ni goyat go
Choon na goyam choon mera dildar ni goyat go
(I did not say that I am the Truth, my Friend said so.
And why shouldn’t I say so for my Beloved asked me to say so.)

2.Arrey logo tumhara kia, mein jaanoo’n mera khuda jaaney
Oh those who point fingers at me, why does it concern you?
It’s between me & my God
( and God sees in the soul not outer trappings)

3. Jo Zarr maango tou beyzarr hoon, jo sarr maango tou haazir hoon
Jo mukh moroon tou kaafir hoon, mein jaanoon mera khuda jaaney
If you want gold, I don’t have any, if you want my head,i gift my life for you,
“If I turn away my face (from trials of love), call me an infidel. It’s between me and my God.

4. Charha mansoor sooli par, jo wakif tha wohi dilbar
Arey mullah janaza parh, mein jaanoon mera khuda jaaney
Mansoor was hanged , only those who knew his love for God understood his total annihilation of himself in God’s love
O priests recite his funeral prayers, It’s between me & my God
( explanation : Mansoor Al-Hallaj was condemned to hang by the neck for shouting in ecstasy Anal-Haq, Anal-Haq (I am the Truth, I am the Truth). The orthodoxy understood this to mean that he was claiming to be God himself, whereas for him it was simply a total annihilation of himself. Mansoor Al-Hallaj climbed the gallows with his head held high, not the least daunted by his imminent death.)

5. Tumhi dilbar ho Sarwar ka, Tumhi ho pyara Haider ka
Pilaao jaam kausar ka, mein jaanoon mera khuda jaaney
(Mansoor ) you are the beloved of both the Prophet pbuh and Hazrat Ali
offer him a drink from kausar, it’s between me and my God
(Note : Sarwar is a title given to the prophet pbuh and means chief
Haider is title of Hazrat Ali and means lion
Hauzuʾl-Kausar is the fountain of abundance in Paradise. A drink from this on arrival makes one forget all bad experiences of life
jaam e Kausar – a cup from the fountain of kausar . )

6. Wohi ehsaan mujh per ker Ameer ul Mouminee’n Haider
Bulley ka sawaal poora ker, mein jaanoon mera khuda jaaney…
. Oh leader of the faithful, Ali , please offer a sip to Bulleh too and accept his supplication.
Main jaanun mera Khuda jaaney

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