Minor officers of the Royal Household During Delhi Sultanate

1. Kitabdar – librarian

2. Mushafdar – Keeper of the Royal Copy of the Quran

3. Khasadar – Supdt of the Royal Kitchen

4. Chashnigir – Officer who tasted the Kings food before serving it
(This was to prevent King being poisoned)

5. Sarabdar – in charge of the supply of water to the royal household

6. Saqi e Khaas – chief cup bearer who served water to the Sultan

7. Farrash – spreader of carpets, (today’s footmen, office boy)

8. Tashtdar – ewer holder

9. Mashaldar – Torch bearer

10. Dawatdar & sar dawatdar – keeper of the inkpot, secretary  of state

11. Sar Chatrdar – Head of the holder of the royal parasol

12. Dabir e Sara – Secretary  of the palace

13. Amir e Tuzuk – Master of ceremonies ( an important  post reserved for the royal family)

14. Mohrdar – keeper of the seals

15. Mussalladar – Keeper of prayer mats

16. Shana e fiil – Supdt of the royal elephants

17. Chaoosh – A herald, sergeant

18. Kalid dar e Kushak – keeper of the keys of the palace

19. Abadar – a servant whose duty  was to keep water cool

20. Bahaldar – One wearing hunting gloves in one’s belt

From Prof K. A .Nizami’s book on Medieval  India

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