Nawab Shamsuddin of Loharu ‘s grave

, Hazrat-E-Dilli

All those who read Prof Shamsur Rahman Faruqi’s book Mirror Of Beauty or who follow early 19th century history will be familiar with this name.

In front of the present walls of Qadam sharif Dargah in the bylanes of Paharganj, lies

Nawab Shamsuddin Loharu, father of Dagh Dehlvi,

2nd Nawab of Loharu 1827/1835, executed by the authorities in Delhi on 3rd October 1835 due to his particiption in a conspiracy to assasinate the Resident, William Fraser and in consequence Loharu and Firuzpur were confiscated, and the title of Nawab was denied.

Father of Daagh Dehlvi

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