Not in Ghalib’s Name Please

, Sher o Sukhan

“Khuda ke vaaste parda na kabah se uthaa vaaiz ( zaalim )
kahiin aisaa na ho yaan bhii wohi kaafir sanam nikle ”
Is an of quoted verse of Ghalib.
However he didn’t write it and had the choicest of abuses for the publisher.
” In a letter written in 1858 to his friend who was given the responsibility of printing his Divan –

[ Brother Shihab ud-Din Khan, for the Lord’s sake, what have you and Hakim Ghulam Najaf Khan done to my divan?! These verses that you’ve sent– the Lord knows what son of a bitch [vald al-zanaa] has inserted them! The divan has been printed. If these verses are in the text, then they’re mine; and if they’re in the margins, then they’re not mine. In short, even if these verses would be found in the text, then consider that some accursed prostitutor-of-his-wife [zan-jalab] has scratched out the real poetry and and written in this trash. In short, whatever scoundrel is the author of these verses, curses on his father and his grandfather and his great-grandfather, back to the seventh generation of the bastards [vald al-haraam]! More than this, what can I write? ]

One more letter written in 1859 to his friend ( extracts )

I used the pen-name of Asad, otherwise I’ve been using only ‘Ghalib’. And don’t you look also at the style of the writing [tarz-e tahriir], and the path of the thought [ravish-e fikr]? My poetry– and so ‘ornamented, varnished, deceitful’ [muzakhraf]! This story is at an end”
Source : Frances Princhett & SR Faruqi Sahab.
I first read this on the blog of Ali Mohammad

Not by Mirza Ghalib – Few Couplets

Now can you imagine how many abuses Ghalib would have given had he read this sms shayri in his name!

2011 Ka Super Hit Msg………

Ghalib Vs Iqbal Vs Faraz Vs Wasi Vs Ayyaz

Ghalib Sharab Peene De Masjid Mein Beth Ker,
Ya Wo Jagah Bata Jahan Khuda Nahi.

Masjid Khuda Ka Ghar Hai Peene Ki Jagah Nahi,
Kafir K Dil Mein Ja Wahan Khuda Nahi.

When I had first started my journey with #shair I was taken in too.
Usman Ghani , asked me, “Apa, why would Ghalib or Iqbal use such language or metre considering their mastery over same!”

Saif Mahmood when I told him about such shayri floating around the net had only one word to say “Astaghferullah”

So I have a request please check on
For veracity of the verses you are quoting

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