Red Fort then and Now : Picture Gallery 

, Hazrat-E-Dilli

Diwan e Khas

Musamman Burj

Zafar Mahal then and now

Chatta Chowk

Chatta Chowk in Lahore Darwaza then and now

The Orpheus Panel behind the Takht e Zille Subhani in the Diwan e Aam

Only accessible portion

Imtiaz or Rang Mahal then and Now

The Tasbihkhana then and now

Now kept opposite Rang Mahal

This monolithic marble Basin can be seen in its original place in painting below : in front of Rang Mahal 

The flower Basin in Rang Mahal then and now

Lahori Darwaza then and now

Rang Mahal

A doorknob on the door to the khwabgah

80% of the buildings inside Red Fort were demolished by the British to build barracks

Diwan e Aam then and now

A map dating from the eighteenth century in the Oriental and India Office Collection at the British Library (Add.Or.1790, OIOC, BL) also depicts the Fort as a mere shell
The paintings are mostly by Ghulam Ali in 1840s

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