Restoration work in Mehrauli Archeological Park

INTACH Delhi chapter has undertaken restoration work in Mehrauli Archeological Park. Kudos to them for some excellent work.
I have been there many times but never saw these two tombs which have been recently unearthed from centuries of neglect.

As I walked into the Park from the Qutub Sahab ki Dargah side I was pleasantly surprised to find this kalash peeping out.wpid-20141022_145650.jpgA little further down and the full glory of another tomb being restored burst on me wpid-20141022_145856.jpgwpid-20141022_145916.jpgWork going on inside this tomb

wpid-20141022_145928.jpgOne of the workers baby

wpid-20141022_145953.jpgThe ASI guards on duty

wpid-20141022_150037.jpgSome more ruins waiting for their turn


Rajo’n ki Baoli is one of my favourite places in Mehrauli Archeological Park and right opposite it was a mound with a small chatri peeping out. To my surprise I saw this beautiful tomb structure with underground cells. Probably used as a madarsa

wpid-20141022_150209.jpgMaulvi Zafar Hasan calls this a Pathan monument which means it was built during the Lodi period. The blue tiles on the tomb given earlier confirm this. He describes it as :

“The tomb is a domed chatri and occupies the centre of a raised enclosure containing numerous graves.The walls of the enclosure are broken with arched recesses and have octoganal bastions at each of the four angles, The chatri which measures 19′ by 6′ square and stands on a platform 4′ by 4′ is crowned by a dome supported on 12 stone piers.”

God Bless INTACH for rescuing this beautiful monumentwpid-20141022_150523.jpgI  must thank Asif Khan Dehlvi for taking me there
I hope INTACH can restore all the monuments dying inch by inch in Delhi and other parts of India

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