Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal by the Yamuna 

Salam Asif tells me of  one such moment has been immortalised in a verse between the two (recorded by Nadvi). 

While the couple sat silently by the river bank, basking in the serenity of Yamuna; Shah jehan observed the raging waves lashing upon the river-bank rocks; and then he looked at his beloved wife’s beautiful face – and slowly uttered an impromptu poetic line in homage to her beauty: 

آب از برائے دیدنت می آید از فرسنگھا

Aab -az-braai deednat me aayed az farsang ha

(trans: See, how these waves travel to this point from miles afar; to have a glimpse of your majestic face)

Mumtaz Mahal responded instantly composing the next poetic line in the same metre to complete the couplet:

از ہیبتِ شاہِ جہاں سر می زند بر سنگ ھا

Az haybat-e-Shah-e-jahaan sar mi zanad br sang ha 

(tran: But look how these waves crush their mighty crests (heads) against the rocks, at being overwhelmed by the majesty of my emperor Shah-e-Jahan’s presence here).

Note: this photo is from the side of the Taj Mahal of course they would have sat in the Agra Fort

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