The 600 year old Eidgaah of Kharera

, Hazrat-E-Dilli


Hauz Khas, a posh residential area today famous for its fashionable Village, was once part of Delhi’s second city, Siri built by Sultan Alauddin Khilji in the 14th century.
It was here that the Sultan built the water reservoir, Hauz Alai to meet the needs of the new city.
Near tge reservoir a number of tombs and other buildings came up in later years.
One of the prettiest is the Eidgaah of Kharera.
An Eidgaah is different from a mosque as it is used only for the Congregational Eid prayers and is an open space which consists of only a mehraab wall and sometimes a mimbar or pulpit for the Imam to deliver his khutba or message from.
Built of rubble masonry, this structure has 11 mehrabs and a turret at the end of one side with the inscription.
imageAn inscription on a red sandstone slab fixed on the south bastion towards east is full of praise of Iqbal Khan, popularly known as Mallu Khan, a powerful noble and virtually the ruler during Muhammad Tughluq’s reign. The Eidgaah  is stated to have been built in A.H. 807 (A.D. 1404-05) after Tirnur’s ruthless plundering of Delhi.
The mimbar or pulpit next to the central mehrab for the Imam to deliver his khutba.
As children I remember going to Eidgaahs because after the namaz was over there would such a heart warming atmosphere of comraderie and happiness. There would also be  a small mela (fair) where we could buy toys and eatables.
Location : inside Padmini Enclave, Hauz Khas
Nearest Metro – Hauz Khas

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