Tohfewala gumbad, Shahpur Jat

, Hazrat-E-Dilli

A visit to Shahpur jat throws up mixed emotions in you.
Its a perfect mix of the old and new living together in the same space.
Shahpur Jat was the site of ALauddin Khilji’s city of Siri, Delhi’s second official city and is dotted with crumbling remains of the Siri fort walls and the Lodi tombs which dot the city.
The Lodis came from a tribal Afghan system and differences based on royalty were largely absent when it came to building tombs.
The result is a hundred Lodi tombs in Delhi.
The walls of a medieval building and a dome towering over it meet you as soon as you arrive in this fashionable area.
It contains many boutiques with the main line of business of Shahpur Jat village being the fashion indusrty.
However it wasn’t easy finding the entrance of this monument. It is hidden in a lane behind the market between houses which in fact are encroaching on it.
The entrance is neglected without a guard though the Protected board stands there propped up by cycles though I found no one inside the area.
Its badly neglected with dogs roaming around and in a state of trepidation I went forward in the overgrown grass
The monument itself is quite impressive. Orrather must have been once upon a time. Its sad that an area wher ethe rich and famous come for fine clothing has such a neglected and badly kept monument.
There are signs of cloisters on the side.
Maulvi Zafar Hasan calls this Tohfe wali Gumbad so I stick to that too, though some call it the Thanewala Gumbad.
There were dogs inside the monument itself so I didn’t venture in but could see the mehrab wall signifying that in all probability it was a mosque.

Location: Shahpur Jat village
Open: All days, Sunrise to Sunset
Nearest Metro Station: Green Park Station

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