Tohfewala Gumbad & Thanewala Gumbad in Hauz Khas

, Hazrat-E-Dilli

Many heritage enthusiasts confuse Tohfewala Gumbad in Shahpur Jat with Thanewala Gumbad.

Both are different and both are in Shahpur Jat.

I’ve had this conversation with many people.

The Thanewala is inside the village. It was a baradari but as police station was near it , it got this name in the late 19th century

There’s one more in Deer Park also known as Tohfewala Gumbad.

The first photo is of Tohfewala Gumbad in Shahpur Jat

2. Is of Tohfewala Gumbad in Deer Park

3. Is Thanewala Gumbad in Shahpur village. Actual name Baradari so called Bec of police station near it

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