Life in Haji Public School : A Photo Essay

I reached Haji Public School on 18th May 2016 and left on 19th July 2016.

Two marvellous Months of interaction with kids for whom we were at times the window to the world. 

Teaching those who have no pre conceived notions was a great joy.

I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did. 

On top of it all the hills and weather was wondrous. 

My last Day in Haji Public School as a Volunteer teacher

Parting is sweet sorrow! Saying bye to Asima, Hoor and Sabbah

More byes this time a selfie with Sawuib

Imtiaz, Ramzan and Shahid say bye with a sweet note.

As Nidhi and I both left on the same day little Taslima was inconsolable

Sameer and Asif show their moves at an impromptu farewell held for Nidhi and me

Iqra and Yasser watch the entertainment show being put up for us


Akhtar Hussain a star student

Azra and Naushada pose for me

will miss you sweethearts

My Class 3 Social Studies Claas! had fun with them

My Class 3 Social Studies Claas! had fun with them

Maam do you watch Tom and Jelly? Yes of course I do!

Where else would a goat attend my extra class? Hope it has a fine sense of history now

All the chairs and desks have gone to the examination hall so prep ping for exams done in style

Testing time

whether big or small they all got proper games equipment thanks to generous donors

Cricket was played with teal equipment and leather balls

Theres no gender discrimination in HPS and girls and boys play together be it catch or cricket!

Break time

Since the weather was glorious we all took out doir classes whenever we coupd

Kashif and Humera: sibling fun

i want to go home!

Sibling swag! Fatima and Samya

Sibling time : Taslima and Rehana

Ifra rhe hard worker: keep trying her motto

Shamas Deen studying Social Studies: His father Gulabo looked after the cattle.

Fridays would see intense cricket matches

Bozo the school mascot watching the cricket match

Cricket was played with teal equipment and leather balls

Ayesha the super batter takes a run

She was one of the first to be picked up by Captain Imtiaz for his team

Muneeza pads up

Asima flexing her muscles at the pull up bars

His sister studies in Class 3 and he has important work to do at the Parent Teacher’s Meeting

Ishtiaq and Nusrat : sibling fun

Pretty eyes

The School

the pull up bars were popular with both girls and boys

visit to HPS. students in their village. i was beautifully surprised to see most of them speaking impeccable English

there was studies in the air

Preparing for my first class. and was it cold that day!

Khadijah, Shamas Deen’s sister goes to the govt school as she couldnt cope with studies in HPS. lets see what baby Reshma does. seems to like studying

Ramzan in Class 7 loves Raold Dahl

Khalil Chacha’s house humming with the sound of studies and homework

A visit to the village where many students come from

Shabnam doing her homework.

Khalil Chacha’s house is the local hostel. apart from his own 4 grand children there are 6 other kinds from different villages who stay with him so they can attend HPS!

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