KHanqah e Niaziya in Bareilly 

Khanqah e Niyazia
Isa-e-Maryami Manam, 

Ahmad-e-Hashmi Manam, 

Haider-e-Sher-e-Nar Manam, 

Mann Na Manam, Na Mann Manam.
Mary’s Christ, I am,

I am, Ahmad of Hashim,

I am of Ali the bravest of the brave,

I am, Yet I am not

Ever since I read the Kalaam of Hazrat Shah Niyaz Barelvi i have been his mureed and wanted to visit his dargah.

Today i got the oppurtunity.

I have visited many dargahs but this has to be the most welcoming and hospitable ones. There was a langar going on and many people were sitting with their bartans to rake the khichda.

I wemt up to Mohd Baqar Niyazi who was distributing and said i had heard of the khanqah and came along but had no bartan in which to take the tabarruk.

He immediately sent someone to his house got 2 plates and spoons and asked to sit in a quiet corner and served us tasty khichda and answered all questions related to the khanqah 

The beautiful Sufi poetry by the founder of the Niyazi Silsila Shah Niyaz is indeed borne out by his family even after many generations 

Aashiq-e-Be Khabar Manam, 

Mann Na Manam , Na Mann Manam, 

Arif-e-Baa Hunar Manam, 

Mann Na Manam, Na Mann Manam.

 I am in Love, lost to the world

I am not, Yet, I am,

Realized as a soul I am,

I am not, Yet, I am

Kafir-e-ishq hoon main banda-e-islam nahin

But parasti ke siwa aur mujhe kaam nahin
Ishq mein poojta hoon qibla-o- kaaba apna

Ek pal dil ko mere uske bin aaraam nahin

Bulhawas paanw na rakhiyo kabhi is raah ke beech

Koocha-e-ishq hai ye raguzar-e-aam nahin

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